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About The Creeks Pipeline Company Ltd

In July 2008, the State and Australian government’s announced a multi-million dollar pipelines project to provide water infrastructure for the townships, communities and irrigators who draw water from the Lower Lakes.

This project was part of the State Government’s Murray Futures program which was funded through the Australian Government’s Water for the Future program.

The Murray Futures program positions South Australia to respond to the threats and challenges facing the River Murray in a future of increased climate variability. It is an integrated package with a range of immediate and longer-term measures to secure the future for communities.

The irrigation pipeline is possible due to the successful raising of capital through the Creeks Pipeline Company’s prospectus.

As a result of ongoing drought and reduced river flows, traditional water sources including the Lower Lakes, are under threat and it is difficult to guarantee the quality and quantity of water available in the future.

This project provides irrigators in the Langhorne Creek and Currency Creek regions an alternate water delivery option to draw their water under their River Murray Water entitlements.

The Lower Lakes Pipelines will provide flexibility in how the Lower Lakes are managed in the future.

The Company worked closely with the South Australian Government to ensure the best possible outcome for the community.

Work began on the 110km pipeline and three pump stations on 5 May 2009. It was handed over to “The Creeks Pipeline Company Limited” six months later on the 30 October 2009 and has helped secure the region’s economic future of around 7,000 hectares of vineyards and irrigated crops.

The completion of the pipeline was officially acknowledged on 3 November, 2009 by Senator Penny Wong, Federal Minister for Climate Change and Water.



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